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Wrongful Death

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One of life’s most difficult circumstances is to lose someone as the result of someone else’s actions. Sometimes the death results from an accident.

We have helped many families deal with the personal tragedy of a loss as a result of someone’s negligence. Sometimes the act was a criminal act made possible by the failure of a premises owner to secure an area. Sometimes the act was an accident that occurred because a premises owner failed to make an area safe or created an unsafe condition that allowed for the accident that resulted in death.

All wrongful death claims are different, but they have in common the effect on the families left behind. The Cicchetti Law Firm LIFE.Covered Team will help you make your claim and attempt to resolve it without litigation and we will be there every step of the way to navigate the unpleasant task of litigation, if necessary, to resolve your claim as efficiently and quickly as possible. We understand that this circumstance is particularly sad and stressful and the entire Cicchetti Team works to ease that burden on our clients by taking care of y our family with our five star service, while handling your claim.

“Thank you so much for everything you guys did for me and my family, especially by consoling and comforting my mother. You guys are truly a blessing!”

One of our proudest moments was to obtain almost a half million dollar pre suit settlement for a family who lost their 84 year old grandmother after a dump truck hit the car she was driving three days before Christmas. The company that owned the truck had over 200 citations filed against it. The company argued that our client’s grandmother damages were nothing because she had no medical expenses and no lost wage claim. We successfully showed her active lifestyle, baking multiple pies for church Sunday dinners and helping to paint her own house that summer. At a pre suit Mediation, the company paid almost a half million dollars to avoid the lawsuit and bad publicity. The family did not want to go through the pain of litigation and was so happy with the result. The family decided to use part of the settlement proceeds to buy a college prepaid program for her granddaughter.

If someone you know has been killed as a result of negligence, call or schedule a free consultation today. The Cicchetti LIFE.Covered Team is here to help.