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Areas of Practice

  • Personal Injury

    For the past 30 years, The Cicchetti Law Firm Team has represented insurance companies and insured drivers in lawsuits. During that time, we have gained an insider’s knowledge into how insurance companies handle claims. Let our experienced Team give you an honest assessment on what the insurance companies might pay to settle your claims. We will work with you to evaluate your claim the way the insurance companies do. If a settlement is not viable, we will work with you to provide a range of likely verdicts if the case is taken to trial, so that the decision for how best to resolve your case can be made early on in a case.

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  • Wrongful Death

    One of life’s most difficult circumstances is to lose someone as the result of someone else’s actions. The Cicchetti Law Firm LIFE.Covered Team can help you navigate the unpleasant task of wrongful death litigation to resolve your claim as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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  • LIFE.Covered℠

    LIFE is complicated. Planning for it doesn’t have to be. The LIFE.Covered℠ consultation offered exclusively at The Cicchetti Law Firm will help you plan and secure the most important legal, insurance and financial aspects of your life – a small investment now that can save you legal headaches and costs later on and give you peace of mind.

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  • Bad Faith

    If you believe an insurance company handling your claim has not acted timely to resolve your claim, you may have a viable claim against an insurer for bad faith. If you are insured by the company, a bad faith claim could protect you and your family’s assets. If you have an injury or death claim that the insurer has not resolved timely, you may have a claim for bad faith that would allow you to recover the full value of your claim, rather than being limited by the policy limits purchased by the negligent party. We can help you or your attorney assess the viability of a bad faith claim and bring it properly to preserve your rights.

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  • Insurance Companies

    With more than 30 years representing insurance companies, The Cicchetti Law Firm Insurance Team can handle any of your legal defense needs. We have handled all aspects of insurance defense litigation, and offer a number of programs to handle claims at all levels.

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